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Dunia Health Clinic

Your professional licensing, compliance testing, and general health screening provider.

Dunia Health Clinic is a licensed provider for professional licensing and compliance testing in Washington state.

We and out partners have over a decade of experience serving and successfully providing high quality screening and testing to ensure successful compliance in accordance to the Federal and local Washington state regulations.

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About Dr. Abdul-Rahman

Dr. Abdul-Rahman was born on the beautiful island of Tanzania in the mid seventies. When he moved to the United States in 1998, he knew he wanted to study the noble field of Medicine. In order to learn how to properly care for and nurture patients, he started as a CNA and soon made his way to working part time as a Nurse Practitioner UW Medical Center while attending The University of Washington for his doctorate. Two years before graduating his DNP program at UW, he became a Community Nurse, making house calls to those in need of services who did not have the proper resources to find a clinic near them.

After graduating in 2015, he decided it was time for a change in the medication system. Because he currently works as a Community Nurse, he is able to see the needs of those in disenfranchised communities who cannot afford to or do not have the resources to go to a general help clinic. He realized that most patients slip through the cracks of our current system, and not getting the proper care that they deserve. By starting his own clinic, he wants to give his patients more personalized care by making them special treatment plans, service those who do not have insurance, and by doing this and more, make a difference in the community.