General Clinic Visits

If you have any questions about using Dunia Clinic’s Alcohol Breathalyzers department, you can reach us at +1(206)268-0427 or through the contact form here. To check out other services we offer, click here.

General Clinic Visits

Dunia Health Clinic provides comprehensive health care services for adult patients, for a wide range of health-related needs. Our Vision is to become the most preferred general clinic inĀ  Seattle, Washington for adult patients.

Our Services

  • Personal Physical/Wellness exam for health maintenance
  • Acute Illnesses such cold, Flu, sore throats, Pneumonia, STDs and Acute pain.
  • Chronic conditions such as diabetes, Hypertension, COPD, Anxiety and Depression, Thyroid and heart disease.
  • Regular physicals, prescription refills, vaccinations and screenings.
  • Consultation for a health problem where you need advice
  • Referrals when you need to see a specialist.


Same day appointments available. Call us today to schedule an appointment.