Alcohol Breathalyzers

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Alcohol Breathalyzers

Dunia Health Clinic in Seattle, Washington is the best alcohol testing site using state-of-the-art alcohol breath analyzers. Dunia Health clinic has the experience and expertise to perform the onsite and offsite test as well.

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Dunia Health Clinic offers Evidential Breathalyzer Testing (EBT) in compliance with federal standards, administered by a certified Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT).

When you are in Seattle, Washington, Dunia Health Clinic should be your breath tester.

Breath Alcohol Tests

A Breath Alcohol Test is used to measure how much alcohol is currently in the blood. Many employers use this method as a pre-employment protocol or post-accident precautionary. Breath Alcohol Tests are reliable and very accurate. The test shows the current levels of intoxication but it cannot show past alcohol usage.

How does the test work?

The person being tested for alcohol use will blow into the given breath alcohol device. The number that appears on the result screen is known as the Blood Alcohol Concentration. (BAC) This shows the level of alcohol in the person’s blood at the exact time the test was taken. The test does not cause any pain or discomfort, and is usually uneventful and brief.

When do I need a breath alcohol test?

Many companies who require breath alcohol testing make it known upon hire that this is protocol. Most employers use alcohol testing under specific circumstances, such as reasonable suspicion, post-accident when it is suspected an individual used alcohol on the job,  and random testing.

United States DOT Required Alcohol Testing

The United States Department of Transportation requires mandatory alcohol and drug testing. This testing includes people who operate machinery such as trucking, aviation, pipeline, railroad, and employees who provide safe work transportation to the public.

Who administers the test?

When you come to our clinic we have Certified Breath Alcohol Technicians on-site. This is a person who instructs and assists people through the Breath Alcohol Testing process. This person plays an essential part in completion of this test as they are knowledgeable and proficient with the testing procedures and administration. Our staff will be able to make sure your test is administered correctly and with ease.

What contributes to Blood Alcohol Test results?

Age. As you get older, the same drink increases your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) faster than when you are younger.

Drink strength. Even two kinds of similar drinks, like two beers, can have different amounts of alcohol content.

Food. If you eat before and during any time you drink, your BAC goes up more slowly.

Weight. BAC generally increases faster the less you weigh.

Medicines and drugs. Drugs can contribute to raising your BAC more quickly or creating dangerous side effects.

What else should I know?

There are medical and legal reasons you may need a breathalyzer. For example, if you arrive at a hospital or clinic passed out, confused, or appearing to have been drinking heavily, this can help doctors determine the best care for you. If you are involved in a car accident, you may also be tested to determine if alcohol played a role. Finally, you may be tested after a work incident or during random drug testing from an employer.When your body processes alcohol, it first goes through your stomach and small intestine, which then send it into your blood. Once it your blood, the liver processes it; however, the liver can only process a limited amount of alcohol in a given amount of time. What your liver cannot process stays in your blood and increases your BAC. How quickly you are affected by the concentration of alcohol in your blood depends on many factors, including those listed above.


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