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Dunia Health Clinic has the best screening technology for various patient needs.

What is a screening test?

Screening tests are done for individuals as a preventative measure rather than as a reactive measure. A screening test will help prevent to detect that a person is suffering from a certain disease before the disease actually shows any symptoms. People who go for screening regularly will ensure early detection of disease. In diseases such as cancer, early detection plays a huge role in the treatment success rate.

Testing Cost (Screening Cost)

Screening costs depend on the type of testing required. Dunia Health Clinic has affordable testing costs in Seattle, Washington. Get in touch with our office for a screening quotation.



Dunia Health Clinic provides various forms of screening services. The most common screening tests are:

  • Audiogram/Hearing tests
  • Vision screening tests
  • Tuberculosis (TB) screening tests
  • EKG screening tests
  • A1C screening tests


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