Patients Reviews

"I had Wonderful experience with Dr.Abdul. He was wonderful, attentive, and the staff was helpful and kind."
Benyam P.
"Very friendly and efficient. The front desk is extremely friendly as well as the doctors. My vaccine experience was perfect!"
Maggie S.
"Went here for my COVID vaccine. The staff is friendly, and administration of the vaccine was painless and efficient!"
Mia D.
"Wonderful clinic, I just had my second visit here and the Dr. was extremely helpful, fast and knowledgeable. Nice clean place. Highly recommend!"
Tineya W.
Always very kind and professional
Shawn C. | Dec 02, 2022
Very clean, knowledgeable staff, quick response, easy to get appointments, I would go back every 2 years for my DOT needs. They don’t waste your time, no nonsense waiting.
Abdulahi A. | Nov 28, 2022
Very professional Dr. Office
Paulos Y. | Nov 25, 2022
Good Care friendly
Michael A. | Nov 24, 2022
Nice friendly staff and clean office
Stephanie B. | Nov 22, 2022
Friendly and prompt service!
Michelle M. | Nov 20, 2022
Dr. Abubakar Abdul-Rahman is so understanding and a good listener and very passionate.
Bonny D. | Nov 14, 2022
A very clean doctor's office, very wonderful nurses and doctors answered all my questions and very helpful
Michael S. | Nov 08, 2022
Good service doing good job
David E. | Nov 08, 2022
Excellent and personalized service. Thank You
Gerald K. | Nov 06, 2022
Great experience!the doctor is very professional
Gregory B. | Oct 27, 2022
I'm from the Caribbean where my Doctor was my confidant/friend. I'm in America for almost 30yrs now, and only since visiting this Dunia Health Clinic (nicest staff & best Doctor) that VALUE has been restored. Highly recommend. Thank u guys! Love u Doc!
Nichole P. | Oct 25, 2022