Patients Reviews

"I had Wonderful experience with Dr.Abdul. He was wonderful, attentive, and the staff was helpful and kind."
Benyam P.
"Very friendly and efficient. The front desk is extremely friendly as well as the doctors. My vaccine experience was perfect!"
Maggie S.
"Went here for my COVID vaccine. The staff is friendly, and administration of the vaccine was painless and efficient!"
Mia D.
"Wonderful clinic, I just had my second visit here and the Dr. was extremely helpful, fast and knowledgeable. Nice clean place. Highly recommend!"
Tineya W.
Awesome, everyone was friendly
Simon N. | Oct 02, 2022
Dr. Abdul-Rahman, MD is a kind and caring physician. He has treated our homebound mother several times. We love him !
Lucille T. | Oct 01, 2022
Roman C. | Oct 01, 2022
Friendly, warm and caring staff, the office is very nice, clean and organized. Dr. Abu was very fast and efficient w/ my a Covid vaccination. I love this office!
amir belay | Oct 01, 2022
djnatty rankz | Oct 01, 2022
shaunyce omar | Sep 30, 2022
Dr. Abubakar, very professional. He takes his time and very detailed. He explained everything to you and give you insights about your future. I recommend him he’s the best.
Janice S. | Sep 30, 2022
Nice clinic.
hamdi y | Sep 29, 2022
Simple to schedule, professional office and wonderful staff! Thank you!
Heidi L. | Sep 29, 2022
The staff was friendly and efficient
Alice R. | Sep 25, 2022
The staff and Docter himself are so caring, kind and generous..God bless you all.
Hajya O. | Sep 24, 2022
Received very high professional and great customer service!!!
Solomon A. | Sep 22, 2022