Patients Reviews

"I had Wonderful experience with Dr.Abdul. He was wonderful, attentive, and the staff was helpful and kind."
Benyam P.
"Very friendly and efficient. The front desk is extremely friendly as well as the doctors. My vaccine experience was perfect!"
Maggie S.
"Went here for my COVID vaccine. The staff is friendly, and administration of the vaccine was painless and efficient!"
Mia D.
"Wonderful clinic, I just had my second visit here and the Dr. was extremely helpful, fast and knowledgeable. Nice clean place. Highly recommend!"
Tineya W.
Above and beyond. The best service and the positive attitude. Great work. I love it
Adnan H M. | Sep 16, 2023
Dunia Health clinic is the best clinic to do your medical exams you will meet an amazing staffs with a fast service. I definitely recommend this clinic to someone who needs drug testing and the class A medical exam for the truck drivers
Landry N. | Sep 16, 2023
Very professional
Abdikhadar A. | Sep 16, 2023
Same day appointment, friendly staff!
John P. | Sep 14, 2023
Awesome and timely service delivery!
Steven H. | Sep 13, 2023
Dr. Abubakar Abdul-Rahman responds promptly to our calls even at odd times. He takes time to listen to our clients concerns and gives great advice on what to do with them. Mary
Lanie V. | Sep 11, 2023
Iam always glad to meet you, your service is great thank you for your care
Daniel B. | Sep 03, 2023
I like it Wal take care of patient
Burhan A. | Sep 02, 2023
Timely, encouraging and very helpful
Arthur L. | Sep 02, 2023
Fast, friendly, and efficient. And, when I discovered that I had accidentally provided the wrong DL #, they immediately reprinted the forms with the correct #. Thank you.
Sean M. | Aug 29, 2023
Dr Abdul actually listens and gives good feedback. I feel like I am in control of how my care is administered but his knowledge is always readilyaccessible.His demeanor is always helpful and encouraging
Joyce J. | Aug 27, 2023
Dr. Abdul is very accessible because he did a house visit to see our resident. He is very quick to respond and very helpful. He is a great provider that we are glad to work with. Highly recommend!
HAROLD K. | Aug 19, 2023