CDL & DOT Compliant Testing

Drug, Alcohol, Physical & General Clinic Services.

At Dunia Health Clinic we provide everything you need to run a compliant drug, alcohol, and physical testing for professional needs as well as general clinic visits. Our knowledgeable team will manage your entire program to ensure you have all testing requirements in place. Click here to learn more.

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    High Quality Services

    Quality is our standard. We strive to ensure your licensing and compliance testing process is smooth and successful.

    General Clinic Visit

    In addition to licensing and compliance testing, we also provide quality urgent care services to patients.

    Physical Examination

    CDL & DOT physical exams
    School bus driver physical exams
    Sports and athletics physical exams

    Drug Testing

    DOT regulated testing
    Non- DOT regulated testing
    Alcohol breathalyzer testing

    01.Latest Equipment

    We use the best equipment, in house and our partners to ensure the best quality results for you.

    02.Highest Quality Results

    Quality is our standard. We strive to ensure your licensing and compliance process is smooth and successful.

    03.Unmatched Expertise

    Our extensive experience in compliance and licensing testing enables us to deliver with unmatched expertise.

    We’ll ensure you always get the best Results.

    Dunia Health Clinic will help you quickly do testing for your CDL and DOT compliance requirements. With our experience and unmatched expertise, we're here to help you succeed. Call us today to schedule an appointment.