Dr. Abubakar Abdul-Rahman

About Me

Dr. Abubakar Abdul-Rahman, DNP, ARNP-BC, is a distinguished board-certified advanced registered nurse practitioner, serving the Seattle, Washington community with unwavering dedication at Dunia Health Clinic, a prominent private medical practice.

Born in the vibrant nation of Tanzania in the mid-1970s, Dr. Abdul-Rahman embarked on a transformative journey when he relocated to the United States in 1998, with a resolute commitment to the field of medicine. His path to becoming a compassionate healthcare provider began as a certified nursing assistant, gradually ascending to the role of a part-time Nurse Practitioner at the esteemed University of Washington (UW) Medical Center while diligently pursuing his doctorate at UW.

Dr. Abdul-Rahman's passion for patient care led him to become a community nurse two years prior to attaining his Doctor of Nursing Practice degree from UW in 2015. His role involved making house calls to individuals in dire need of medical services, particularly those who lacked access to conventional clinics. This invaluable experience instilled in him a profound understanding of the healthcare gaps within disenfranchised communities and ignited his desire for reform within the healthcare system.

Recognizing the distressing reality that countless patients were slipping through the cracks of the existing healthcare framework, Dr. Abdul-Rahman decided it was time for a transformative change. Currently, as a dedicated community nurse, he bears witness to the struggles of those who cannot afford medical care or lack the means to access it. His vision is rooted in the belief that every patient deserves personalized care tailored to their unique needs.

In his pursuit of this noble mission, he established his own clinic, where he endeavors to create special treatment plans for his patients. Dr. Abdul-Rahman's clinic is committed to serving individuals without insurance, extending a lifeline to the underserved and marginalized communities. Through these efforts and more, Dr. Abdul-Rahman aspires to make a lasting impact on his community by elevating the standards of healthcare and ensuring that no one is left behind in their quest for better health.


Year Degree Institute
2015 Doctor of Nursing Practice University of Washington

– Board Certified Advanced Nurse Practitioner

– Certified DOT Medical Examiner

– General Practitioner of Family Medicine

With years of experience in the medical field, Dr. Abdul-Rahman understands that his patients need more than just medical treatment – they need personalized care and a listening ear.

His journey from certified nursing assistant to nurse practitioner has given him a unique perspective on patient care, focusing on providing specialized treatment plans to those unable to access proper healthcare. He is dedicated to making a positive impact in his community.